Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Hello everyone,

I decided to start some posts on learning Japanese for free, for those of you who might be interested in the language, for traveling, or just for fun.

Japanese has three different types of writings:
- logographic Kanji, using ancient Chinese 
- Katakana (for words with foreign origin)
- Hiragana

A forth type of writings is used to transliterate Japenase into Latin characters and it is called Romaji.
I will mostly use Hiragana+Katakana and Romaji in the beginning. Kanji words can also be transliterated into hiragana to make it easier for children or foreigners to read.

Let's start with the basic:

Hello ->  Konnichi wa   こんにちは

こ   = KO
ん  =  N
に  =  NI
ち =  CHI
は  = WA

Good evening!  ->  Konban wa  こんばんは

こ   = KO
ん  =  N
ば = BA
ん = N
は = WA


I am Marco ->  Watashi wa MarUko desu 私はマルコです

In this sentence you have all 3 types of writings, here is why:

私 = it means   "I"   it is read "watashi" you can also write it as わたし  
わ  WA (different from は )
た  TA

The word I is written using the old Chinese characters, but you can also write in Hiragana at the beginning, to make it easier for you to remember.

は WA is the particle used in Japanese after the noun, it does not have a translation in English

マルコ  is Maruko in Katakana, being my name foreign origin it will be translated using Katakana
note that in Japanese they do not have "RK" so you will have to add a "silent U"in between and the name will be MarUko instead of Marco
マ  MA  Katakana
ル RU Katakana
コ KO Katakana

です  = desu is the verb "to be"
で  DE
す  SU

Sunday, 23 April 2017


Winter in London was rainy and depressing and spending the cold days without a man, made me feel lonely. Sven and I kept in touch almost on a daily basis, and we traveled together to Holland, Denmark, Andorra, Spain and Italy. I was often in Bremen, where I got to know Sven’s friends and I started thinking about leaving the United Kingdom to move to Germany. During one of my visit, Sven took me to Berlin for a day trip. That February day I fell in love with the German capital city and I decided that one day I would live there.

Spring came and it brought flowers, longer days and Olaf. My new boyfriend was a 32-year-old Dutch banker, good looking, successful, traveled and he lived in an exclusive London apartment with view on the Tower Bridge.

“I apologize but once again I am not in love” are the words of Dido song’s “Life for Rent”, which I had to pronounce again at the beginning of April 2004. Olaf had everything one could look for in a guy, but there was something missing that I really needed: Passion. Olaf was a monogamous guy, that gave me the security I was looking for, but I could not feel his love.  Sometimes his extremely honest remarks, “you have to learn how to eat correctly at the restaurant…” and his unwillingness to listen to my problems for no more than ten minutes per day and with an irritating countdown, made me pretty upset. Another tear dried up on my cheek and I decided to go for a holiday to Goa in India, with my friend Ricky.

Cancun, Merida, Campeche Mexico April 2004.

I was looking through the window when I saw a blue circle formed by an atoll in the Caribbean Sea. Ricky and I did not fly to India after all: I had a business trip to Merida, in the Gulf of Mexico and we ended up in the Yucatan Peninsula. The taxi drove us from Cancun International Airport to our hotel in the famous 7-shaped island, connected at each end to the mainland with bridges. The narrow line of land, where the modern beachfront resorts are located, separates the Caribbean Sea from the calm lagoon. The palms, the white sand beaches and intensive colours made of that place a paradise on earth.

The porter carried the luggage to our room and he opened the door to let us in. Ricky and I stood there speechless: the room looked great for the money and next to one of the beds there was an A.C. box and a window with an enchanting view on the clear blue sea. “I’ll sleep there, may I?” Asked Ricky pointing to the bed close to the window. “Sure, I am happy to sleep far from the air conditioning box anyway.” I replied.

We spent the whole afternoon by the beach, where we tried to suppress the tiredness caused by the jet lag and after the magical orange sunset we ate a delicious “fajita de pollo” at the local “Fat Tuesday” restaurant and we had some drinks. It was past midnight when we decided to go home, it was dark and we opted for an unusual shortcut, as we were too tired to walk the long way. We were crossing a green, when we heard a weird noise and we saw the black shape of a reptile that we had never seen before. My friend and I got scared, we run away as fast as we could and as soon as we reached our hotel, we looked at each other and started laughing to tears. “How silly!” I said and I touched my face as I felt the pain of the sunburn. Apparently my half Mediterranean skin wasn’t used to the stronger tropical sun.

Before going to sleep we went the reception to book that very same room again for the last night in Cancun, where we would have returned after a journey through the Yucatan Peninsula. At 1am, we were exhausted and as we touched bed we crashed.

“Psss, Mattia, Mattia… Wake up… Have you heard that noise? Wake up…” Ricky kept on saying in the dark. “Which noise?” I asked half asleep. “I don’t know, I think I heard something and it was not human…” Added Ricky.

We turned the light on but as there was nothing to be seen, we went back to sleep.

“crrrrr… crrrr… crrr…”
“Oh my God! What was that?” My friend and I stood up immediately and turned the light back on.

After looking everywhere in the room without finding the source of that spooky noise, I decided to call the reception and ask for someone to come over. A few minutes later a middle age chubby guy knocked at the door and Ricky let him in. The man had a budge pinched on the top right of his jacket with written: “Animal Protection” and he could not speak fluent Spanish, in fact he spoke some kind of indigenous language, which I could not understand. “Oímos un ruido muy extraño – we heard a very strange noise” I told him in both languages. The Mexican man started looking around but he did not seem to have any luck either. Some five minutes later another “Animal Protection” younger man, who could speak both Spanish and English came to help. It was 3am when our Mexican rescuers decided to abandon us there. “Aquí no hay nada – There is nothing here”. Said the younger of the two. “Please don’t leave us, you have to protect us from that animal!” we begged. “Crrrr… crrr… crrrr…” Added the unidentified creature. “You see!!! There is something!” Concluded happily Ricky and I. It came from the A.C. Box. A green iguana had made its nest for the night there and it was impossible to chase it away, as the box was locked. After half an hour of failed attempts, the Mexican men waved their arms in the air to make us believe the iguana had flown away and they left us alone. Of course the iguana had not flown away, in fact it kept us awake for the whole night and on the day after we were told that iguanas do not fly.


On the 12th of April at 10am our bus left Cancun bus station heading to Chichen Itza. We drove a few hours through the jungle, we crossed the border between the Mexican State of Quintana Roo and the State of Yucatan, where we had a short stop in the city of Valladolid and we reached our destination in the late afternoon. We got off the bus some three kilometres away from the ruins, where we saw a small resort with five or six bungalows hidden by the dense vegetation and we decided to spend the night there. Fernando, the owner of the resort, cooked some rice and two delicious tortillas for us and after dinner, he showed us the “cenote”. “The cenote is a sinkhole containing groundwater… The Mayas used this cenote in the Pre-Columbian time… They used to cast the victims of their human sacrifice rites into the hole… Some skeletons were found by Sir Edward Herbert Thompson in 1904” enlightened us Fernando. “Do you want to see the light show at the ruins tonight? I can take you there, if you want…” added Fernando.

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Sunday, 22 January 2017


We spent a few days in the Pyrenees, in the village of Latour de Carol (France). We had a great relaxing time, wonderful hiking in the nature, delicious French dinner with the Fondue. During our walk in the nature we met a UFO :) Just kidding. Someone who wanted to be funny drew a UFO on a traffic sign. Who we met was a singing donkey... It was pretty funny so I decided to take a short movie and I will post it here below for you. Enjoy!

Monday, 12 December 2016


Hi guys, sorry for being away for so long. I was in an amazing trip in South East Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia....I will write more about it soon! In the meanwhile enjoy this video I found on Youtube! Really funny
The steam room stories guys.
Is it really eggnog on the sock? Find out more!
The video of these gorgeous sexy guys is here!

Sunday, 30 October 2016


On the SweetandSexyguy Youtube page there is a great video on the hottest gay kisses of the sexiest gay male couples. Sweet, romantic and passional moments shared by handsome guys in a 6 minute and 26 seconds video. Do not miss it, watch it here

Sunday, 11 September 2016


Hi guys, I haven't forgotten you, I was just in Prague for a few days and impressed by the beauty of the local guys. Here a couple of pictures of Prague. A sexy Czech posing naked on his bike, just an ad in the Prague underground and two male statues pissing... Cool fountain isn't it.
Below some pictures and a video, plus another chapter of the gay stories.

One day Carla and I had the same shift and after work she was so kind to drive me home. When we arrived at my place, we noticed that the front door was opened and Edoardo and Abdul were smoking a cigarette in the patio. They came towards us, they smiled and Abdul pointed out that my neighbour was a weirdo. An hour before Edoardo had tried to talk to him but the strange man had covered his face with his hands and had run away.
As soon as Carla, Abdul and Edoardo went inside, I heard my neighbour calling and I went to the fence to see what he wanted. “How many rooms do you have upstairs?” He asked without saying hello. “Two” I replied and “Sorry, I have to go” I concluded, as I did not feel too comfortable with him. I quickly reached my friends inside, we had a beer and chatted till 1am, then everyone left, I locked the door and I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Once in the bathroom, I took off my clothes, I turned on the water in the bathtub and I sat waiting on the closed toilet seat. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from the loft. I looked above and the hatch was open, I was trying to figure out how that could have happened, when I heard a second noise. My loft was huge, dark and full of trusses, it had neither light nor a ladder and I did not trust myself on a chair, to look inside with the help of a torch. “What if my crazy neighbour is in there and chop my head off?” I thought. I wore quickly my bathrobe, I grabbed one of the four cordless, I run out the house and I locked the door, ready to call the police. Once in the garden, half naked, in the middle of the night, I realized that having watched the DVD “Scream” the day before could have driven my fantasy a little. I did not feel like calling the police, so I tried to reach Edoardo on the phone and check if he had left the hatch open. My colleague’s mobile phone was off, so I decided to call his Egyptian friend. “Hi Abdul, sorry to bother you, did you leave the hatch open?”
“What? Mattia? I cannot hear you…” He said. “I want to know, if you were in my loft…” I repeated with an even more scared and trembling voice.

Eventually Abdul broke into a laugh and confirmed that they had been in the loft, to check out the boiler and they had forgotten to close the hatch. The mystery was solved and I could go inside again. The day after I bought myself a ladder to explore my loft properly and within a week Edoardo had made me the fool of the office, telling the whole story to everyone.

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Dear British friends,
I am really sorry you chose to leave the EU. On the other side I am happy that you know your way and I respect the decision you took. I had the luck to live in London for 7 years and I have been traveling to the UK almost every year since 1993, so I believe I have a good understanding of your culture, they way you see yourself in Europe and the way you see Europe. When I lived in London I had the feeling that local people were not proud to be in the EU. I remember the headlines of most (if not all) British newspapers saying how bad the EU was, how bananas should be straight and so on and I was surprised, this is not the EU I knew. When my English got better I decided to talk with some of you, my British friends, on how I saw the EU. I was born in 1978 and I saw the EC evolving into what it is now the EU. As a child I was proud to be born in one of the founding members that are part of this incredible project that unifies one continent full of history under the name of peace. I suffered the bad decisions (monetary union before political union) and I enjoyed the good ones (freedom to live anywhere in the EU, the EU pressure to Italy to get the same sex couples right, the possibilities to travel without restrictions, low cost flights from any two EU cities…)
Often it is argued that the EU is all about banks and money. The Euro was a bad choice because it was not well planned. All right. The EU is not perfect. It is far from perfection but it is a good project that had improved our lives and gave us freedoms they would have dreamed of in the 50s or earlier.
UK brexiters used the argument that the EU is about money and not about people. It is a dictatorship some say. The same Brexiters voted to leave in the name of saving money for the NHS. A promise that was broken minutes after the Brexit outcome by the same party leader who made it. The issue is now about the city and the possibility it loses part of the European firms moving to the Eurozone. The issue is about money for your politicians too, in fact you chose, but they are waiting until October to let us know what we already know. In the meanwhile other millions Europeans are waiting for you to decide. Out is out. If you wish to stay in, well then you should show a little more interest on the real meaning of this project rather then the expenses of the NHS, or those Europeans stealing your jobs, forgetting that there are almost as many British people abroad, which make use of European health system about 4 times as much as Europeans use it in the UK.
I am deeply sorry for those of you, my friends, who wanted to stay in, and I hope some day you can convince the rest of your people, that it was a bad choice to leave, but I think the UK politicians should respect their European partners after all this and take the step. After all, they complained the EURO was not well planned, but they could have better planned the Brexit possibility before launching the referendum in the first place. A final note. I do not think Scotland should veto the Brexit. I think Scotland should have the right to choose if the want to stay in the UK or join the EU instead. It would not be fair if the Scottish people could force the English to stay in, as much as it would not be fair for the English to take the Scottish out if they want to stay in. That is, if this referendum was about democracy. UK people I wish you the best of luck and I am sure that those of you who want to keep a EU passport will find the way, after all the EU did not close its borders