Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Hi guys, today is about a new Chapter called DURMIENDO CON LAS IGUANAS Y LOS MARCIANOS and how I met the men of my life. Below the video of the day with sexy hot Spanish Rugby guys playing rugby in Spain with no clothes on... 

Berlin, April 2007

As planned, that Thursday Sjors and I met again. I had spent the previous two days reflecting and I came to the conclusion that I would have told Sjors that he should fix the issues he had with his partner and I would keep distance from him. From the Rote Rathaus we walked to the Oxymoron bar in Rosenthaler Strasse, it was another cold night in Berlin, but I was happy to see Sjors again and we were so busy talking that I forgot about the freezing Siberian wind. In the bar I noticed that his right hand was injured and when he told me he had a fight with his partner, I felt I needed to protect him from that monster. “If you feel in danger, please go to stay at my place, I am traveling to Milan for some business, but I am sure that my flat-mate Adriana wouldn’t mind.” On Saturday morning Sjors took me to Hauptbahnof, Berlin Central Station and he gave me a lot to think about during my week in the northern Italian city. In fact on Monday, while I was at Valeria’s place for a coffee, Sjors called me to let me know that his partner was drunk again, he did not feel safe and he wanted to accept my offer. I called Adriana from my mobile phone to let her know that Sjors was coming, but she did not seem too keen in accepting a total stranger in our flat and in a way, I could not blame her.  After all, when she had told me that it would have not been a problem if Sjors had slept at ours, she had not imagined he would have really accepted my offer. In fact, I had not expected that either. My mobile phone battery died on me, right before I could call Sjors again and I had to leave Valeria and go back to my parents flat to retrieve all my numbers. Once home I called Sjors, who in the meanwhile had already got to know Adriana and one of her dates and was sitting on my bed wearing a pyjama. “I am sorry Sjors, my flat-mate does not feel safe having you there. However I am ready to pay for a room in a hotel for you if you’d let me.” Eventually Sjors went to sleep to the place of his friend Wolfram, Adriana was satisfied and I was happy having found a guy, who was definitely spontaneous in his choices.

My train arrived in Berlin in the morning of the 2nd of April, where Sjors was waiting for me at the platform 18 of the central station, with a bottle of sparkling wine to welcome my return. That day we became a couple and he moved in to my place, as we both did not want him to live with his alcoholic ex. Towards the end of April Sjors and I went to eat at the turning restaurant on the top of the television tower, where we had a magic view over the city. “I had been waiting since my move to Berlin for the right guy to come here with him!” I told him looking into his sweet deep blue eyes. Sjors had never been to Italy, so I promised him to take him to my country in May and he managed to get ten days off work from the Charité Hospital, where he used to work.

The video of the sexy guys here